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Top 10 Sallie Krawcheck Quotes

I’ve been this energetic, and this straightforward, this analytical for forever. It was interesting what’s always changed was the press. For him, it’s golf in the stock market. Those are the two big hobbies. I don’t have the time my Dad does to being in an investment club and watch Jim Cramer yell “sell, sell” on CNBC. That was what I grew up with, which is so funny.

We talk about bad grannies. It’s the bad granny version of ourselves. And mine is drinking chardonnay at lunch and flirting with her much younger Pilates instructor named Luca.

World Wildlife Fund (WWF) taking A Stand On Global Sustainable Finance

They do feel like they don’t have the time and the space to have their questions answered. In our corporate culture, because someone may have to take some flexibility because Top 10 Sallie Krawcheck Quotes of family issues, somehow we continue to believe they aren’t fully dedicated. When I started on Wall Street, there was pretty good diversity in those junior ranks.

Top 10 Sallie Krawcheck Quotes

I think this idea of women as multi-taskers, which we all know exists in our society, really bleeds over into what they look for in their work and what they look for in their investments. If you’re global, maybe The FT. One of the three networks, there you go.

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Also, you read that letter, and I tell you, you walk out feeling really good being an owner https://www.wave-accounting.net/ of those shares. Truly one of those companies I hope to still hold 20 years from now.

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