Descending Triangle Pattern 2023 Indicators & Strategies MT4

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Oftentimes, traders watch for a move below the lower support trend line because it suggests that the downward momentum is building and a breakdown is imminent. Once the breakdown occurs, traders enter into short positions and aggressively help push the price of the asset even lower. Just as an ascending triangle is often a continuation pattern that forms in an overall uptrend, likewise a descending triangle is a common continuation pattern that forms in a downtrend. If it appears during a long-term uptrend, it is usually taken as a signal of a possible market reversal and trend change.

descending triangle pattern

Watch for the move below the lower trend line which is support. A descending triangle is considered a bearish continuation pattern, meaning you will be looking to trade in the direction of an already established downtrend. The descending triangle gives us the consolidation a stock needs to continue the downtrend. When we see a descending triangle forming, we know with a high degree of certainty that the market is building up energy for the next move or breakout, the market has entered a trading range and is narrowing. Learning to recognize and trade these patterns in real-time allows you to prepare to enter a trade well in advance. Towards the end of the pattern, the falling of prices continues even after it breaks the support line.

By measuring the height of the back of the triangle and extending this measurement from the breakout point where price broke the lower trendline. The first way a trader can look to take advantage of the pattern is to wait for the price to break below the lower trend line and then go short. Before discussing trading strategy, let me explain to you the important levels for stop loss and take profit order placement. Trading descending triangle pattern is very easy but spotting this on the chart of currency pairs daily is difficult. Draw a bottom zone connecting the lows of swings and a trendline connecting the highs of swings. It can also give traders a little time to rest as they watch how the price action will play out.

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How to Identify a Descending Triangle

Measure the distance from the horizontal support to the initial high and project this distance from the breakout level. After price bounces off the support level multiple times, posting lower highs, we can anticipate a potential downside breakout. The minimum distance that price moves prior to the breakout is measured from the initial high. This distance is projected lower after price breaks out below the support level. The first step in trading this strategy is to pick a stock that has been in a downtrend or in a consolidation phase. The time frame of the chart is irrelevant as you can use this strategy across any time period.

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descending triangle pattern

Traders and intraday speculators can also combine price action techniques and chart patterns with technical indicators. Moving averages are one of the oldest and simplest of technical indicators to work with. Like with any strategy, you can use the descending triangle pattern to buy/sell stocks by knowing when to enter, take profits, and cut your losses. As we mentioned above, the simplest way to use this pattern is to buy the breakout of the triangle.

Forms During Any Trend

Once that breakdown occurs traders can short the stock making it fall even lower. A descending triangle’s price objective is determined by the high point of the triangle’s base, which is plotted on the break out point . Another technique consists of drawing a line parallel to the descending triangle support line, from the first contact with the resistance. Generally, volume follows a dependable pattern; volume diminishes as the price swings back and forth within the triangle pattern.

Descending triangle pattern is a bearish scenario with the series of consistent lower highs, forming a clear slanting line. This series is accompanied by a horizontal line that connects the top part of these lows. Symmetrical triangles, where price action grows increasingly narrow, may be followed by a breakout to either side—up or down.

Descending triangles are easy to spot and provide excellent risk-reward opportunities. Traders can quickly identify that a big move is in proximity, as well as the profit objective and the amount to be put at risk. In trading a descending triangle, traders look to launch a short position as a result of a surging volume breakdown from lower trend line support. Usually, the price target for the chart pattern is equivalent to the difference between the entry price and the vertical height between the two trend lines at the time the breakdown took place.

descending triangle pattern

When this breakdown happens, traders enter into short positions and help to aggressively push the price of the asset even lower. If a breakout happens on the upside of the descending trendline, a long entry can be taken and a stop-loss can be put below the horizontal support line. Again the target would be the widest part of the ascending triangle. A trader usually enters the trade on the short side, if the horizontal support line is broken down on the downside. Like any support/resistance or trendline breakout/breakdown, volume plays a very important part in confirming the strength of an ascending triangle breakout/breakdown.

What is a descending triangle?

After the first hour and a half of the market open, HUSA formed a descending triangle. The pattern forms with a series of lower highs that come to a point at the $3 support level. He descending triangle pattern is one of the top continuation patterns that appear in the middle of a trend. If a symmetrical triangle follows a bullish trend, watch carefully for a breakout below the ascending support line, which would indicate a market reversal to a downtrend. Conversely, a symmetrical triangle following a sustained bearish trend should be monitored for an upside breakout indication of a bullish market reversal.

  • Once you learn to identify them and train your eyes to see them in real-time it will help you better understand the price action.
  • Occasionally, a strong support line may form and cause the prices to bounce off.
  • However, one major disadvantage of using descending triangles is that there is always the potential for a false breakdown, which is where the down trend reverses pattern.
  • This pattern is also known as a measured move chart pattern, so for the target, you measure the distance and project after the breakout for targets.
  • The pattern forms with a series of lower highs that come to a point at the $3 support level.

One of the main characteristics unique to Heikin Ashi charts is the fact that they can depict the trend easily. Most traders often struggle when it comes to identifying the trend. You can resolve this confusion by switching to Heikin Ashi charts. In the next section of this article, we illustrate five descending triangle trading strategies that can be used. The illustration below shows what an “ideal” descending triangle pattern looks like, which is often labeled a descending wedge, as well.

This compression to the downside is what makes the pattern bullish. The flat support line and the descending trend line converge to a point. Wanna invest in the right stock at the right price & at the right time. Get $25,000 of virtual funds and prove your skills in real market conditions. Partner with ThinkMarkets today to access full consulting services, promotional materials and your own budgets. ThinkMarkets ensures high levels of client satisfaction with high client retention and conversion rates.

The formation of this pattern at the top of uptrend gives rise to a reversal in the price trend. StocksToTrade in no way warrants the solvency, financial condition, or investment advisability ofany of the securities mentioned in communications or websites. In addition,StocksToTrade accepts no liability whatsoever for any direct or consequential loss arising from any useof this information. You can do that by setting a stop loss on every trade you take. If the reversal is strong enough, it leads to a break of resistance. A volume drop can also mean that shorts are waiting to see what longs will do.

An Example of a Descending Triangle

Symmetric Triangle Ascending Triangle Descending Triangle Symmetric Triangle – It is continuous and neutral trend of the price, may break either side of the triangle. Need to confirm the trade with breakout and as well with trend… Once you identify the lower volume, simply measure the distance from the first high and low. Then you project the same from the breakout area which becomes your target price.

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One of the main characteristics, unique to the Chaikin Money Flow indicator, is its ability to gauge the buying and selling power. As we stated before, this chart pattern operates on a one minute chart, five-minute chart, all the way up to higher time frames. Whether you’re scalping or swing trading, you can use it with multiple assets.

Trading too complex a strategy with many indicators?

Because the ascending triangle is a bullish pattern, it’s important to pay close attention to the supporting ascension line because it indicates that bears are gradually exiting the market. Bulls are then capable of pushing security prices past the resistance level indicated by the flat top line of the triangle. In contrast to the symmetrical triangle, a descending triangle has a definite bearish bias before the actual break. The symmetrical triangle is a neutral formation that relies on the impending breakout to dictate the direction of the next move.

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